Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 days in January Part 1 the Tub

January started off pretty tough with the plumbing project.  As I recovered a bit from this, my wife plans a visit to her parents for 3 days.  It would be a good opportunity to work on those other time-based projects we've been putting off.  We will be heading to Boston to visit a friend in about a month so I knew that would be an ideal time to take a break from the house.

The tub: Same one when we moved in.  It has 3 big chips in it and looked pretty beaten up.  After careful discussion, we thought we would try the cheaper, easier method of re-glazing the tub ourselves.  For about $22, you can purchase a can of special enamel paint for the tub, follow the instructions and in 3 days viola! new tub.  I was skeptical a bit about it but let's try it and see.

At the same time Andrea was flying over California, I cleaned the tub with DSP, let it dry and then went over the entire area with a steel brush. 

I then mixed and applied the paint using a regular brush.  Waited a few hours and then applied a 2nd coat.  Dry time needed is 72 hours and the results were better than we expected.  Andrea brought home adhesive bath stickers and suddenly we had a brand new looking tub.  It just shines!

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