Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Salon de Sylvia

I've developed a pattern that involves spending time on the computer working on a film or 3D build and then stepping away from it and focusing on some part of the home. The past few weeks had been a good time to work hard on the parlor walls and wood. I decided to jump in and rehab that long parlor wall. After scraping off the old paint, I fixed the cracked plaster areas, gave it a nice skim coat and then we painted it to match the original colors. Then I reworked the wood moulding trim. It all took about 10 days with no great surprises. The window wood was a combination of redwood with some painted pine inserts which I replaced with redwood trim leftover from another repair job.

It finally feels like the furniture my sister gave us now fits well in the parlor. It looks and all feels warmer and the different play of day and night lights seems to change the room in elegant ways.

We've decided to name this parlor after "Sylvia" because nearly everything in there was a gift from her! lol.
We've reached the two-year mark on rehabbing this old Victorian. I think the progress has been pretty good and the house has been kind to us. I hope she likes the results. How about you?