Friday, January 6, 2012

A Pipe Dream into the final frontier

I don't know about you, but after only a few days rest and some inspiring trips and visits, I begin to think I can do anything. And if it looks easy? Fagettaboutit, it doesn't interest me.

So the final frontier, for me, is dealing with major plumbing stuff. Our old house has a mixture of copper, galvanized and even cast iron pipes attached to each other over the decades as new innovations came into being. I felt I needed to complete the partial copper piping of the house as the green, corrosion was starting to show in some parts. So after watching how to solder and repipe old houses on Youtube, I jumped right in. Wow! First of all, you can't just do a little repiping, stop and have lunch, talk to somebody and then get back to work, you have to go all the way or it means no water in the house in the evening. Soldering does take some skill and after battling with some poorly done soldering on my part, I finally got the hang of it and got into the habit of inspecting every inch of a new soldered joint before turning on any water. It took a few days, and it was pretty stressful and my hands cramped up pretty badly at times but I can say with great satisfaction that the hot water line is all new copper without any leaks. This project made the difficult brick patio job seem like a leisurely walk through a daisy covered meadow.

Thanks to Heather and Andrea's parents for providing the HD gift cards which nearly covered all the materials needed for this project.

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