Saturday, March 20, 2010

A reminder from Ikea

This is a public Note To Self' for Andrea after purchasing a 'vanity dressing table' from Ikea. It was a decent piece of furniture but I learned that the color black/brown really means black which just didn't work in our room, and a few screws were missing from the package so I decided to take the whole, heavy item back the next day.

"Remember this video of George in the Ikea return room next time you even think about purchasing something from there, Andrea. It's just not worth it."
I'm sure lots of people have good experiences at Ikea but I usually do not.

However, at 10:30 in the morning the was no line for frozen yogurt so we finally tried a $1.00 cone of vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt and it was good, even though George still does not look happy.

Interestingly enough, this return lead us to stopping at the Granite Expo on the way home where we found a perfect vanity & sink top for the bathroom! It's a beautiful rich 'mocha oak' color and was a very good price. More to follow on that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alameda Flea Market

Last Sunday we made a visit to the monthly Alameda Flea Market.

Love the Parisian painted sign window - we are making one for our bathroom cabinet!

A seat like this would look nice in the 'parlor' and we liked this beautiful hanging oil lamp. Cie la vie. We only bought some Italian hand-painted small butterfly tiles (btw...tiles were hard to come by) and left with some good ideas. It's probably best to either know what you are looking for or have a lot of money.

The Girl Scouts were there and I think I had a uniform just like that back in the 70's.