Saturday, February 18, 2012

February's Garden

Hi, we are having some nice weather lately so I'm back with a few garden pics. We've noticed a new little bird that visits our yard lately, whom we've named Donald Hollinger. He's got a sort of king-of-the-hill personality and he sings. There's another tiny, chubby bird we call "Lil Sebastian'.

More sunflowers

Our first baby carrot

Sculpture Arm w/Nasturtium

New Roma tomato plant

Oregano & Arugula are both flourishing:

p.s. I made a 'healthy belly birthday cake' with a side of vanilla soy ice cream, and we both liked it. George is a good sport that's for sure. Dr. Oz had this recipe on his show for a "5-layer Flat Belly Dessert." I didn't make the trifle layered version, mine is a 13x9 flat version so I used less in the ricotta layer. I also substituted shredded coconut for almond slivers. Here is the link to his recipe.

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