Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 Days in January Part 2 Bedroom Wall

Whilst I let the tub dry, I tackled a part of the master bedroom that always bothered us.  The walls in here are made up of old gypsum with painted over wallpaper that was showing signs of peeling and degradation.

The entire room is also not insulated and I suspected there may be a few holes in the siding as well.  So while Andrea was with her folks eating steak and drinking martinis, I attack the wall with a velvet glove.

After carefully walling off part of the room with plastic sheeting, I began removing the old gypsum.  You can see what's behind door #1 and the accompanying greenish, vintage wallpaper.

Actually the interior siding walls looked pretty good for being 100 years or so.  This part of the house is not original to the 1898 structure and most likely was added in the early 1900-1925.  The studs were nice and dry and showed no rot.  There was a very long weed branch that had broken through a small hole and grew inside the wall until it touched the ceiling!

I added some construction paper and then insulation to the repair areas.  Put up drywall, taped and spackled everything just in time to go pick Andrea up from the airport.  I was pretty exhausted but rallied to finish priming and painting the nice new walls.   I will probably need another 3 days to finish the rest of the room.

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