Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Garden Photo Caption Update

George carved out a big section of cement to plant our new Pittosporum Tenuifolium tree! Notice the urbanite bench he created too!
The Lemon Verbena is doing well :)

I love this patio. The Japanese Honeysuckle continues to fill out along the fence.
Our Santa Rosa Plum tree produced about 19 plums this year.

The Parsley is still growing crazy big.

The Golden Poppies are blooming and taking over this space.

We're getting lots of squash blossoms and trailing vine on the Spaghetti Squash plant which was started from seed.

The Sunflowers get taller every day.

New bird feeder we scored at a garage sale. Now the birds just need to find it.
Peruvian Potato harvest!
We got a a few small berries on the Sequoia Strawberry plants so far. They are small but very sweet.

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