Friday, July 6, 2012

Andrea's Anecdotes

Lately we've been watching birds hop and peck around the garden/yard. This morning I saw one go into the birdbath and splash around a little. Another skipped around the brick planter, then jumped into the small plastic container housing the starter flowers. One bird we call 'Messy Marvin' was pecking around the mulch under the lemon tree kicking up a storm of a mess.

 Daily, we see changes to all our plants and flowers, however slight. The spaghetti squash really does get a little bit bigger every day, as do the sunflowers, and one purple Morning Glory was open this morning. Throughout the day, butterflies bounce around and bees crawl inside flowers. Nature just goes about its business day after day. When I am fretting about something, nature reminds me to be present, breathe, observe, write it out (that's the best way I process), so I can get back to my own business of the day. 

I also watch nature do what it was designed to do. Seeds germinate, sprout and grow, sunflowers tilt their faces (even stems) toward the sun and follow it all day, as birds sing, and the ants scurry along cement highways, etc. This sometimes helps me get out of thinking too much, and just being. Nature is full of lessons and reminders that I think are essential to our own well-being. Whether you're in gardens, parks, at beaches, lakes, mountains, forests, etc, it's a great place to breathe, clear your mind, and rejuvenate your perspective.

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