Friday, January 6, 2012

Recharging the DIY batteries and leveling up Part 2

During the holidays we then went with my sister to visit the Stanford Cantor Museum which is free to the public and has many excellent works including several works by Rodin. On display also were plaster models used by sculptors to help flesh out some of their ideas. To me, it looked like they used drywall spackle to create these models. Since I am now a drywall spackle DIY pro, I can appreciate the tactile approach to artmaking and I fiddled with idea of making a small sculpture of my own out of drywall powder and water. And I am also more amazed and how real sculptor artists are able to create such beautiful pieces of art. Here I am trying to kick down Rodin's 'Gates of Hell'. We then went around antique shops and took pics of things that seemed interesting to us.

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