Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leveling Up

We took a recent trip up to Placerville to visit a couple of retired teacher-friends of ours. Allain, a math teacher, has been fixing up their homes for years now and it's amazing to see how fast, efficient and knowledgeable he is about building and construction.

During this trip I helped cut deadwood on the 20 acre property, drive a tractor and do a few other things. When I came back home, I was inspired to finish a # of projects and even built my first light in the office out of left over parts. Suddenly I was seeing things a bit differently and wasn't taking nearly as long to remove/build things in the house. We still always put safety first but I'm feeling things are becoming more "instinctual" then overly thought-out.

A recent trip to HD found me spend 2 hours looking for a particular item (which they did not have) and I left the store feeling I could just create it myself at home.

I like this new-found attitude and it's allowing me to do more with less.

I have a slew of outdoor projects to jump into but the darn rain is holding me back. Very unusual to have so much rain now but once I have a few clear days, I'll create a new deck arbor and other things and will post pictures soon.

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