Saturday, May 14, 2011

b b and b: backyard bugs and bathroom

After much more weeding, we made another new planter, added a few plants, and put down lots of wood-chip-mulch. George reused the old corrugated metal siding from the shed to make a planter for a future tree. We also moved the bougainvillea (ladder photo below) and the cute pink petals are coming back. It definitely seems happier in that spot. We also started growing a couple of zucchini plants in the blue box above.

p.s. if anyone has effective tips on getting rid of vinegar/fruit flies I'd love to know. Even though I add lots of paper to our worm factory, we seem to get those pesky tiny flies.
There are also some regular flies that hover under our deck. We've cleaned the area w/bleach and they still hover. (of all the bugs, ants & flies bug the most)

On a different note, George did a little finishing work on the front part of the bathroom. He used some leftover tile around the vanity and added a few decorative touches that I love. George finally found the perfect spot to display the beautiful blue antique hanging candle holder from Sylvia.

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