Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Hands on Deck

George is nearly finished with his deck project. He removed what was there, created a new frame and put a clear panel on the top. It's better water-proofing and now we can set up a little area to grow herbs.
Since we moved the bougainvillea I've never seem it so bright and happy! The blooms are so full. Love.

Slowly but surely it's coming along. We, ahem George, will build a big planter box to cover the cracked cement so we can transplant the zucchini that is getting pretty big and needs more room, and we will try adding a few other veggies. My lettuce did great for a couple of rounds and then it bolted and the crop was over. We found a perfect little spot for lunch, happy hour, or just a little break that offers privacy behind the lemon tree.

The nasturtium is still going strong and George added a lattice on the side which it has gladly started covering.

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