Saturday, June 25, 2011

Decked Out

Since framing and building a new awning on the deck, George painted part of the backyard cement with leftover paint from the steps and now it looks like a patio.

Today at Urban Ore we bought a piece of lattice fence for 8 bucks and George finished the vision he had for the deck by installing a lattice sort of wall to enclose the area little.

George also built a little shelf which I call my 'herb-deck' where I put some mint plants our friend Claire from the DIY salon gave us.

We are also growing an Early Girl Tomato plant, basil, and Italian Oregano.

We are also planting more flowers in the front & back. Geranium, Fuchsia, and Snapdragon. Love all the color. The Santa Rosa Plum tree is bearing fruit.

The zucchini have started blossoming too. Every week the backyard just gets better. Next we are building big veggie planter raised beds.

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