Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kitchen Updated for Pennies

George built a windowsill, stained & put up window trim, and did lots of finishing touches. So we managed to finish a kitchen renovation by the end of January. With the exception of track lighting and the floor which will happen later.

The window trim is reclaimed wood from the original kitchen base cabinets. Using glaze, we only needed 1.5 sample cans of aqua blue paint for the entire wall. The base cabinets courtesy of a free giveaway on Craigslist. The artwork and stool courtesy of Urban Ore. The artwork is an impression by Monet of just outside his Giverny home, which we visited a few months ago.
We only had to shell out cash for a new counter, copper-faux backsplace and acrylic sink which came out to around $350. The best thing is we didn't need to change the "footprint" of the kitchen or move walls, electrical or plumbing. We basically just worked everything in around the existing main elements in a kitchen that hadn't been updated since perhaps the 60's. Lemons from our tree in the basket shelf.

As if that wasn't enough, he also wallpapered the entire front entry closet, including the ceiling, by himself. The butterfly wallpaper was found at Urban Ore for $2 for both rolls.

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