Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hard at work

George has been busy this week, re-framing & installing our new double-pane kitchen window. He also insulated the wall. No more leaks and drafts.

Yesterday he replaced the counter, cabinets & sink! He will have to share more from his perspective of doing all the hard work. I just painted the wall and assisted a little. There is more finishing to do, but it is a tremendous improvement. I love the deeper sink already.

I did some weeding yesterday and cleared the Eiffel Tower area. Now it's just the bougainvillea, nasturtium and the new daffodil bulbs Marleen gave us, are sprouting.
The other daffodils are blooming as well, and the lemon tree is full of lemons that I need to out and pick now. Then I get to start digging up weeds on that side. Toodles.


  1. The kitchen is looking good. I'm completely jealous that there are flowers in your yard in January. In central Iowa there's 15 inches of snow on the ground and the snow keeps on coming each week.

    Lauren from

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. We are grateful that we were able to have a new kitchen put in so soon and the weather has been cooperating. It's hard for Andrea and I to imagine that kind of winter in Iowa since we are both lifelong Californians but, yes, we are pleased (and surprised) to see things flowering here. I can only imagine that when Spring comes around there, you really have a deeper appreciation than us spoiled west coasters.

  3. Nice kitchen guys! When I read the blog, I was thinking of something else when you mentioned Eiffel Tower (LOL) but when I looked at the images again, I found an Eiffel Tower on your cute yard, the Eiffel Tower really is true

  4. Thanks Sunroom! We found that at our local salvage place in Berkeley. That Eiffel is our tiny French Quarter in the garden :)