Sunday, January 16, 2011

6 Month Anniversary: Shanghai Surprise

Andrea and I celebrated our 6 months wedding anniversary by getting creative with the Barbary Coast steamer truck my sister gave us a few months ago.

My sister found this trunk at a hotel in San Francisco that used to house Barbary Coast denizens. This trunk was left there by the original owner who most likely was Shanghai'd and could not retrieve it. What's interesting about this trunk are the two Civil War era images on front which depict important events in Union history.

First I removed as much of the rust from it as I could and then sanded the wood slats and stained them with the same stain I used on the parlor floor. I then sprayed a protective coat around the entire chest to give it a bit of a shine.

For the interior, Andrea took some canvas and began doing the collage artwork she does so well. We blended in many different elements into it and will place a nice piece of glass over the top of it so it can serve as a coffee table!

What do you think?

Thanks Sylvia and Bill for this unique gift. We love it.

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