Sunday, April 11, 2010


We are making progress on the bathroom. George did an amazing job building the frame to extend the bathroom. These are a few of the latest touches we've made:

Ceiling light in the new part:

A built-in shelf/cabinet

A stained-glass look on the window

I'm happy to report that we did most of the bathroom painting (w/faux glaze & sponge painting). After a number of paint samples, we decided on this color scheme:
Whisper Yellow, Apple Crisp, & Mojave Sunset. (talk about transformation! Frankly, I love the way the Tuscan Yellow/Van Gogh Sunflower/Haystack color brings out the beautiful wood George restored.)

p.s. The Santa Rosa Plum Tree we planted it Winter is donning green leaves a couple flower buds :) And... George discovered a little rose bush which has just started budding!

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