Monday, April 5, 2010

Decorative Faux Sponge Painting

Hello. I'm trying to come up with the right color scheme for 'sponge painting' the bathroom walls. George has them all prepped, spackled, and will finish the sanding soon. So far I know I should use a satin finish paint.

I'm trying get a nice combination with aqua & copper and experimented on a small board, but my first attempt of sample colors didn't produce the desired effect. It could simply be a shade adjustment, I'm not sure yet (at least you can buy small sample size cans for $3 so it's not a total waste).

We want the wall colors to enhance the beautiful wood-wainscoting and all the old-growth redwood trim that George has so diligently restored. Any color experts out there? Perhaps you might share some tips or suggestions.

I've been googling images for color ideas..... and found this helpful informational video for exactly what I'm planning to do:

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