Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Wood Expert

When you live in a home made of wood, it is good to know what types of wood you are dealing with. To me, wood is...well..."wood". I know a redwood when I see one as well as a pine but almost always in their original, natural state. I know what a 2x4 is having had it come crashing down on my head now and then.

As I begin to either scrape off paint or remove things I've discovered very different types of wood in the house and I am having a hard time figuring them out. Here is a sample of the parlor hardwood floor after scraping off the varnish; a sample of the wood from a window trim that had at least 3 coats of different paint on it and a sample of wood siding found in the middle of the currently renovating bathroom that was covered with a piece of door casing. Please chime in if you can tell me what type they are so I am more the wiser. I promise I will no longer think of wood as just "wood". :)

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