Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Bonanza!

My brother-in-law Bill tells me that we definitely have oak floors and most likely old-growth redwood heart for wood siding. My sister Sylvia remarked that the oak in the floors were around since ancient Egypt and that Oakland once had the most oak trees anywhere in the United States. Now, sadly enough, there is one oak tree left in Oakland and is called "Old man" and lives somewhere near Merritt college.

A few nights ago, I caught an episode of Bonanza and the episode started out with the Cartwrights cutting down a huge tree on the Ponderosa, Nevada. All the sons remarked how this one tree will build many homes and some ships. Pa reminded them that the tree was very old and there "long before Jesus was born". He then said, "What we take from the earth, we put back.", and then proceeded to plant a brand new young tree in its place to "grow for a hundred years or more". I never remembered Bonanza being so 'green-friendly' and it just seemed so poetic the way actor Lorne Greene said it. I'm glad we are cleaning the floor up and will soon make it available for everyone to see and walk upon. I have a new appreciation for the floor
and house and will do the best I can to repurpose any of the old wood so it will continue to be a part of the house.

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  1. What a thoughtful & poetic post. Now I want to see more Bonanza episodes too. You are doing an amazing job with bathroom renovation and I thank you for all the hard work & precision. xo

    p.s. Still looking forward to Bill & Sylvia visiting (& consulting w/us) soon.