Saturday, February 6, 2010

Expanding the bathroom by adding a pocket door.

The only bathroom currently in the home is ridiculously small and needs to be re-tiled and cleaned up as I notice a small leak where the old tile meets the tub. From the basement, I could see that there was once a tremendous water issue that ruined the floor and boards beneath and were replaced with new wood and cheap floor. The patch job was pretty lame so I'm going to have to replace it so it looks and feels better.

The majority of this work needs to wait until dryer weather but in the meantime I will put in a frame for a 'pocket door' that will make the bath bigger and harken back to the past since, historically, pocket doors were a common design element in houses. The pair of doors that slid right out of sight into pockets in the wall was a common feature of elegant homes in the 1890's. Over time, pocket doors fell out of favor, probably because they were hard to open and close, noisy, and often came off the track.

Now pocket door kits are much better and easier to install so I will begin this project pretty soon. Here is my artist rendition of before and after.

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