Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wainscot Wall Update

After painstakingly (it's ALL painstaking!), removing as much of the paint from the original redwood wainscot and moulding, I filled in any cracks and breaks with a different kind of wood plaster and performed some really light sanding to the entire area.

Then one light coat of mahogany stain and about 4 coats of tung oil, which matches the work done to other wood parts of the house. The dark stain goes along way and looks pretty nice plus has the added benefit of hiding repair jobs in the wood.

So now the once drabby white wall has a nice dark wood bottom and we think some kind of vintage, velvet wall paper would work on the upper part. But what colors? What type of style? This is where you could help us finish this wall by throwing your ideas our way. Also, if you just so HAPPEN to have some left over vintage wallpaper, we would LOVE to take it off your hands and give it a new home here. :)

This last image is a photoshopped imagining of how the wall COULD look very, very Victorianish.

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