Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bird Bath and Beyond

George found a bird bath at Urban Ore (for a buck) that needed a little repair. He used leftover tile grout on the dish part to repair the cracks and give it a cement look. Then on the base, he put a little white exterior paint, and some copper faux glaze, and rubbed a little dirt on it for an aged effect. It's a perfect size for this space and I think it gives a Romanesque feel to the area. I found a ceramic bird at Michael's (for $1.50) and set it in the bird bath to try and attract the real birdies to it.

To the right of the bird bath is our first sunflowers.

Then he got busy in the house again and started removing paint off the door frame and wainscoting in the living room. That wall was entirely white. Now it has a contrast with the beautiful uncovered century old redwood.

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