Friday, January 1, 2010

Remaking the Pantry

So Andrea really likes the pantry thing. The problem is that the shelves were warped, crooked and very inefficient. I decide to remake the pantry for her for the New Year and had only a few days to do it.

Taking out the shelves was no problem as they were not nailed to anything. The pieces of wood holding them up were screwed into the wall pretty badly and they pulled out by hand. If anything heavy were to be put on them, they would have easily fallen.

Now I wanted to install a new shelving system that DID NOT bolt to the surrounding walls but were tight against the walls so that they could not fall over yet could be disassembled and pulled out in the future if necessary.

The process went smoothly until I noticed that there is about a 2" difference between the length between the walls measured at the bottom and top. Not to mention that the floor slopes to the right. Eventually, I was able to put up level, tight shelving in a room that is crooked and sloping. I reused all the screws I pulled out of the old pieces and framed the new shelves with left over wood from a previous renovation and repainted it using left over paint from the previous owner.

We finished it together around 8pm New Year's eve. :)

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