Friday, January 1, 2010

The old "Ironing Board in the Kitchen' Trick

So we have this quaint, wooden ironing board in the middle of our kitchen. Neither of us Iron and in reality, technology makes it possible to buy wrinkle free clothing!

Nonetheless we both like the look of the old ironing board and we are trying to figure out what to do with it. We need to take it out to make room for kitchen cabinets but where do we put it so it doesn't get in the way yet would be fun to show people?

Your suggestions would be welcome.

According to the Internet, "wood ironing boards in the kitchen were a common place in England." And the ironing board was patented in 1858. I've started reading VALLEY OF THE MOON by Jack London, which is set in W. Oakland around 1900's, and it starts out by painting a grim picture of young and old women sweating it out in an ironing factory where they iron clothes for 10+ hours a day for slave wages. No ventilation, no breaks, just endless ironing drudgery in W. Oakland so the upper class can walk around wrinkle-free. I wonder if I can make a movie about it?

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  1. Put it in the laundry room. Even if you don't iron on it, you could sort & fold on it.

    Put it it the craft/sewing room, home office, potting shed -- anywhere you might need a little extra workspace once in a while.

    Or figure out a new place in the kitchen? A friend had a free-standing antique ironing board in his kitchen to use as a bar when he entertained. Since everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway, he would put out drinks and something to munch on to keep guests happy and out of his way.

    Be sure and let us know what you do.