Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Resuming Restoration

We've started the process of restoring the 3rd wall and floor in what we call the "living room".  In the past it served as the main eating room with fireplace or some kind of heating source.

Our task is to remove the carpet and remove all the paint and gunk on the original hardwood floors as well as remove the paint off the original wainscot and window trim.  We are replacing the windows with double hung dual panes and will gently pry off the wainscot so we could add insulation behind it.

Of course there will be general repairs along the way.  The plaster wall is in good shape and just needs a skim good to smooth it out.  Then Andrea applies her sponge painting technique which will make the wall look like a custom wallpaper feature that blends with the other walls.

Our budget is about $1000 to complete all this and hope to use recycled items in good shape when needed. We will do all the restoring but will most likely hire a professional floor sander to come in and do all the rooms at once

So far, we spent about $100 on paint scraping materials and found an used double hung window for $65 that will fit just right in the large window section.  I did order a brand new small double pane window from Home Despot but that will take TWO WEEKS to be delivered.  Why buy new when I can find a good salvage one at a fraction of the price and within a day or two??

We had paint leftover from the previous work and found a few old floor pieces to replace the plywood section near one of the walls.



  1. It looks lovely, you two put so much effort into this house and you can really see the results. It's like you're performing witchcraft on the house!!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment, Rainiepie.

    Wouldn't it be great if we did use potions and incantations to fix up our house? The closest thing we have to witchcraft is our broom, which we use ALL the time. lol