Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lights. Camera. Inspiration!

There is something about this time of the year that sparks us towards inspiration and whimsy.  I know I've felt an incredible urge to be extra creative as does my wife.  As Spring flowers bloom so does our imaginings and I don't think that is by accident.  There is a connection there that is unseen yet so powerful it changes the very way our mind operates.

Today I thought about how making films is not too different from creating a garden.  For me, filmmaking had always been about creating something that looks good to your eyes, sounds good to your ears and tells you a story or just challenges your mind to grapple with interesting ideas.  I realized that our Victorian garden has those elements too plus the added elements of smell and taste.  A garden is somewhat like a film that changes every single nanosecond and is never the same at any one point.  And now that Andrea has infused the garden with creative, poetic quotes, it seems to be evolving into a living "cinepoem".

So I was inspired to take a few pictures to share with you to help you get inspired and perhaps think a little bit about some old and new things.  Perhaps you'll come visit and watch the "film" in action?

A Comedic Cinepoem (very slow motion)

A documentary cinepoem showing all the things going on, in our minds, this Spring.

Perhaps a political film made on a shoestring budget? Or Democracy Is Half of What it Used to Be?

Dude? Where Are My Car Keys?

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