Monday, March 4, 2013

A new entry

Viola! The Entry Way Closet is finished. We restored more beautiful old floor. The charming cushion seat is compliments of the lovely Sylvia.
George did some repair work in the walls, insulated, put up new drywall, painted it light gray, and stained/installed the trim pieces. 

We are currently restoring the hardwood floor in the art/guest room behind this closet. Boy is it hard work scraping old vinyl, vinyl glue, and paint off the wood floor! We are now cleaning/scrubbing the floor, and then will be ready to start sanding. For breaks, we've been exploring amazing parks in the East Bay and taking up hiking.

We're also starting to work on the backyard again which is going through some changing and evolving. Right now the Santa Rosa Plum tree has the most white blossoms I've ever seen on the tree. Photos to follow.

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