Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY as Videogame Part 2: Treasure

A good videogame typically offers "rewards" to users who have successfully completed a task or obtained a new skill or level.  Sometimes, "treasure" can be found at predictable spots along the game's path that you can later use for some other purpose or to simply decorate your avatar in newer, fancier ways.

DIY treasure (for us) usually comes in the form of a supporting family member or friend who surprise us with gifts we can use to adorn or fix up the home.  For instance, we visit my sister and brother-in-law for the holidays and they gives us the benefit of their experience and wisdom on home repair and decor. In addition, they often surprise us with antique items we can use to dress up the Victorian home.  They also take us to places where we can discover our own treasure or meet someone who helps us fix one of our long-standing home issues.

In just one visit, we found a great set of thick drapery panels, that we wanted to try and use to separate the entry way from the parlor, at one of my sister's favorite thrift shops.  She also took us to a great antique warehouse named Antiques Then & Now in San Carlos. Not only did it have an amazing range of antiques, but they are staffed by friendly knowledgeable people. Dan (the man), helped us find the correct skeleton key to go with the locks in our Claire Secretary Hutch.  I spent months trying to find the right key and Dan found the correct one in 5 minutes.  This is not an easy thing.  Most people (including myself) think that all skeleton keys are the same and will work with all locks.  In the old days, people needed to have unique keys so that the butler or the scullery maid didn't drink up all the liquor or steal jewelry. If all old locks opened with just one key, just think how easy it would be for a robber to clean up in just one neighborhood!  Somehow, in a sea of skeleton keys, Dan the man found what we needed and it only cost us $2.

Here are recent pics showing the "treasure" we received for our past DIY work.  They include two stain glass windows, Napolean seat/stool and other items. Also picked up some shelf brackets from Mr. Bill and a cutting router, which I'll pick up in the Spring.  Thank you Sylvia and Bill!

 Thick, vintage drapery that fits perfectly in the entryway. Purchased at Thrift store for $15.  Notice the stain glass window to the right.
We were gifted with the soft Napoleon seat/stool and the antique washboard now on top of the bookcase.

Happy New Years to you. Strength and Vision in all you do in 2013!

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