Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Inspiration" with an Accent.

This is Andrea reporting:

All I said was,"This room is not inspiring at all." 

Then the wheels-in-his-head start turning.  Next thing I know, I’m dreaming up colors for an accent wall for the room we refer to as my art room /eventual guest bedroom.  It was like the rest of the house; all original wood trim and plaster walls with bumpy and lumpy texture painted over them in drabby white.

George did his magic and removed all the paint from the door trims and baseboard then sanded and restained them. He even repaired the door jamb that hadn't been repaired in decades.  He skim coated over the plaster walls and lightly sanded them to give it a smooth finish. 

We first rolled on a base coat of a very light peach called 'Naive Peach'.  Then used Vintage Purple and Sunkist Peach to sponge over the base coat. Individually, the colors were nice but sponged together didn’t work so well. Then I saw a peachy rose on the cover of my gardening book and that became the inspiration for my next color selection. I used Orchid Rose and then added Sunkist Peach again over the previous layers. It brightened up the room tremendously and looked very marble-ish.

The other three walls will eventually be a single coat of light ‘Naive Peach’ color. There is a lot more to restore in that room, including hardwood floor under the carpet but I think it’s off to a good start. 

We did a  little furniture rearranging and have now made a quaint sitting area!

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