Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eating the Leftovers

Leftovers are usually consumed in our house within a few days.  Same can be said about the leftover construction materials in the basement.

 I particularly like to hold on to things and try them in different places and get a thrill when I am "lucky" enough to put something in a place that just seems to work.  Case in point is replacing the old, ugly blinds on a tall window, facing the neighbors house, with two Asian-themed wall dividers that I had for the past 15 years.

Then, Andrea remarked about not having enough closet space.  So I looked at what she had and used our 3D program to re-imaging a bigger closet that would add about 5 feet of more closet bar space plus a section for really long outfits and long shelves for other things.

The closet wall was added by previous owners in a fairly quick and shabby way.  Just kiln studs propped between the ceiling and floor with plywood nailed to them so it was fairly easy to release some screws and move a wall.  I had some lumber and leftover drywall pieces, paint, plywood, and even some pieces for a faux fireplace and essentially added about 10 square feet to the closet.   I wanted to try something different as well and thought a nice archway would give the space more height and allow for better airflow and natural light.

I did buy 2 sheets of drywall, which didn't turn out to be enough, so I opted to put in my first make-shift faux fireplace.  I had seen a few examples online and particularly liked the one with a chalkboard center and stone-looking fireplace.

We needed a few things so we went to Urban Ore and bought various stone tiles and used the last of the leftover tile adhesive and leftover mortar to put seal together Andrea's design.

It was hard and a bit frustrating trying to move things within our room but we think it now adds a bit more character and space to the bedroom. What do you think?

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