Tuesday, August 16, 2011

spider plant...spider plant

George hung our new spider plant from a ceiling hook on the 'new' wall corner.

We put the palm tree back in it's original corner (the other side of the same wall).

We yanked weeds from the cement cracks again and then filled the cracks with sand. For the time being, it looks the cleanest I have ever seen it and I think the backyard looks bigger. And...the snap dragons are doing amazing and the first early girl tomato is turning red!


  1. I like the third pic. Where corner is beautifully decorated.

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  2. Thank you for noticing that 3rd pic. That wall came together from many sources. The drawing on the left side is Victorian era ( a gift from my sister) and the digital painting on the right is actually mine. The palm tree is real but the lemons above it are fake. Contrasts between two worlds in that one little corner.