Saturday, March 19, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Last weekend was nice and we did some garden work on Saturday. I pulled weeds and George started working on the shed which will eventually be a green house.

There was a small plant growing and the leaves looked like there might be some sort of root vegetable underneath. George dug it up and solved the mystery. It was a white daikon radish in the shape of a carrot! We tried a tiny piece and it had a spicy peppery taste.

The Santa Rosa Plum Tree we planted in Dec. 09, just flowered.

The nasturtium is still taking off like crazy!

And last but not least, the lettuce plants seem to be doing exceptionally well! Look at how much they have grown!

Now everything is getting a good watering with this stormy weekend. We've also been following the NHK news on Japan, especially George. It's hard to fathom such devastation and along with the sadness we feel towards the challenges survivors are facing, we are also reminded and making some emergency preparations of our own.

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