Monday, September 13, 2010

Our consultant for le petit jardin

My cousin's wife Marleen is my gardening/urban farming hero. During their visit this weekend, she told us what we have in our backyard and gave us a few valuable tips which included that newbies like us start with a little test planting area. Like paint on a wall, you can always change it. So with a few Home Depot gift cards, we started on this little plot on the side of the shed and planted two mum plants and a small bougainvillea including our new "Bengtson Bougainvillea".

I even managed to finish chopping down the Deadly Nightshade' weeds (before crazy George eats them) in a corner of the garden (now we can see how bad that fence looks too, Oy!) where tomatoes will go one day....

You got to start somewhere... right?

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