Monday, May 31, 2010

From the Comstock Lode to Urban Ore

It has been an inspiring fun week. Andrea was really taken with the bridge lamp we saw at the Virginia City B&B and learned a few tricks on how to cobble one together.

Distressed window art we made -

So we usually go to URBAN ORE, one of the best salvage places in the Bay Area where you can find many Victorian materials for cheap. We found a bridge lamp in great shape for $30 and replaced the light for $10 at HD. The light fixture was about $1 from Urban Ore and viola! We had our own bridge lamp in the span of an afternoon. We also found a litho of Montmarte for $2 that worked out great for our parisian window artwork.

Professional German Etching on red wall -

Luck can be defined in a few different ways. I like to think of it as being intuned with your intuition and a happy-go-lucky-attitude. So a few days ago, on our way to the vitamin store, we stopped at our first yard sale of the year and picked up this beautiful etching. A professional appraiser my sister knows gave us invaluable information on this original etching by the artist Prof. Paul Geissler and pegged its value at between $200-$500. Well, now we know how the discoverers of the Comstock Lode feel! It now adorns my newly painted red,red wine wall in the office.

Bridge Lamp -

What is a bridge lamp? It's an original cast iron bridge or floor lamp from the early 1900s near the end of the Victorian time period. It is very ornate in design with floral & leaf patternry arm, twisted pole and footed base with shells, floral patternry and other decorative pattern detail. Typically used by bridge players in the Victorian era. Add a period glass shade or tassel-fringed fabric shade it will be a stunning addition to any decor!

(post written by George)

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